We power better networking experiences

STAPr is a “Student-Professional Hub” that is redefining the way students and professionals connect.


We connect professionals, students, institutions, mentors, and protégés worldwide to share resources and opportunities.


STAPr stands out from other online networking sites because we bridge the gap between professionals and students by leveraging mentorships. We provide one-on-one mentorships for our users to ensure optimal productivity in their endeavors.


Regardless of whether you are a millennial or a gen-zer looking for a jumpstart to your career or a baby boomer looking to guide a young professional, our platform is the ideal network for you!

Services We Offer

At STAPr, we provide services designed to maximize the value of networking and productivity through our innovative mentorship platform.

Students can access our hub to

Get advice on how to apply to specialized schools/programs.

Obtain career guidance and mitigate career pitfalls.

Make connections and engage with experienced partners and mentors.

Collaborate on achieving their related goals through transparent tracking.

Professionals can access our hub to

Be an impactful influence on the lives of future generations.

Discover and invest in their future protégés.

Transfer expertise to the next generation.

Make connections and engage with experienced mentors or professionals and potential partners.

Our platform is the optimal environment for goal-oriented individuals to access resources to shape their future and for professionals to offer them information curated to build on their goals while networking with other like-minded professionals.

Unleash the power of connecting and networking today!