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How do I know I will find the right mentor?

You will be able to set their goals, interests, and business pursuits specific to them. This allows our algorithm to match you with more experienced individuals; who can be potential partners, and mentors. We will continue to suggest matches to you until you find the right mentor regardless of where they are in the world giving both of you the opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships/partnerships.

How can I learn more about prospective colleges I may choose?

You can connect with current students at a university you may be looking at and those students can aid in navigating the correct path for you. This allows the opportunity for current students to experience being a mentor for prospective students.

If I’m already an established professional, how can I utilize these features?

  • Professionals not only have the opportunity to be recognized, evaluated, and certified by other employers and prominent professionals in your fields.
  • Professionals can take advantage of our streamlined resources and opportunities to find potential partners with the right skill set to partner up on that project you are working on.
  • More experienced professionals can guide young professionals to facilitate intentional growth and exposure.
  • Professionals can also offer mentorship as a service.

Can I use STAPr to find a job?

  • STAPr does not only bridge the gap between you and employers, but made the path between you and help you find the right job, and helping you find the right individuals to mentor you into that position.
  •  STAPr also provides you with updated data to help you understand your true worth in the market, what it would be, and most importantly what it could be for growth opportunities. , provides you with data to help you negotiate the right salary, help you navigate new fields of professionals for growth opportunities, among others 
  • Employers are able to search through ideas, projects, research, and talents for internships and job opportunities. 
  • Students are able to set their goals to either include or exclude looking for a mentor and this allows the most direct path specific to each individual user.

If I own a business, how can I utilize the resources?

Since you can update your interests, share projects, and set goals, you can find the right partners with the needed skillset and expertise, build an A-team and employees, pursue possible opportunities and gather information relevant to your projects while everything is in sync with each other and the vision.

Can I use my LinkedIn profile to register?

Yes, you can use your Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter account to register. If you want to import some of your posts to STAPr, we can also help to do that by asking you for the details you want on your STAPr profile.

What is the difference between STAPr and LinkedIn?

STAPr provides you with a platform that cares for your growth without intimidating you. You can choose your mentor, your protégé and your next team to achieve your goals, and we do this seamlessly through our powerful matchmaking algorithm that connects you with the right mentors and friends at the right time.

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