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Opportunity For Growth

Our platform is the optimal environment for goal-oriented individuals to access resources to shape their future and for professionals to offer them information curated to build on their goals while networking with other like-minded professionals.

Jacob is a professional web developer, freelancer and an expert in WordPress development.

Linda is a computer science student at Pikes Peak Community College who wants to work for clients from anywhere in their world. Linda is in school but needs more hands-on experience. Linda wants to be the best at what she does and is willing to put in the work; Linda aspires to make an impact for the world.

Lola is a self-taught WordPress developer and wants to work for her client from home, so she can continue to be a full-time parent. Lola is committed to doing the best for her family.

Jacob, Linda, and Lola’s interests, goals, or pursuits aligned. Hence, our algorithm suggested them to each other; they found each other and connected.

Opportunity for growth

Jacob is currently offering his professional services to three clients a month who are looking to build a website from start to finish and up to ten clients who need continuous maintenance on their website.


Jacob is considering expanding his services to more clients. Jacob has three choices:


  • Continue to work at his current pace for as long as he can until something comes along.

  • Start a business and hire qualified candidates or pay another developer to help carry the workload.

  • Mentor students with the background and knowledge to build upon in an apprenticeship model type of relationship.

Redefining and Enhancing what CONNECTING and NETWORKING
are in the social networking space.

Jacob hired and became a mentor to two (2) protégés, Lola and Linda, providing them with:

  • Hands-on teaching and mentorship.
  • Tasks and assignments.

Now Jacob’s workload has reduced. He can offer more services to more clients, with Lola and Linda providing the support he needed during their apprenticeship. After the mentorship time commitment was fulfilled, Lola and Linda began building their client-base offering their services as WordPress developers.

Lola and Linda continue to look up to Jacob when they need assistance with complicated development problems. And continue to partner with each other to provide quality services and results serving more clients.

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