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Pursuit For Excellence

James is applying to three schools in the U.S. with the hope that he would secure admission with one of them but due to limited infrastructure in James’ country, communication with the school’s admission office has proven difficult. James wanted to give his best to improve the quality of his applications for admission with the schools but he lacks guidance to do it right and increase his chances of gaining admission.

James and Stephanie got connected on STAPr; because their interests, goals, or  pursuits aligned. Our Algorithm suggested them to each other; they were a match.

Let’s take a look at James & Stephanie's respective interests, goals, and pursuit.

James & Stephanie are a match; they got connected.

Redefining and Enhancing what CONNECTING and NETWORKING
are in the social networking space.

Because of Stephanie’s guidance, James is now a Pre-med major with a full scholarship at MVSU; while Stephanie is about to graduate college and move on to the next chapter of her life.

Stephanie got connected to students in her graduating school who helped her through her application for admission, scholarship opportunities, among other resources.

James and Stephanie continue to build on their relationship while giving back to future students with similar challenges and interests.

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