Universities & Colleges & Students

"Ease your customers’ pain." — Hazel Edwards

According to Deloitte

Partnership: STAPr will partner with schools (high schools, community colleges,trade schools, and universities) and businesses leveraging mentorship and guidance to increase productivity in both the school environment and workforce while offering student and professional premium membership at a discounted rate.

With Our Student Analytics, universities and colleges can improve coursework and student success, and our workforce analytics to reduce employee frustration and increase overall productivity.

Redefining and Enhancing what CONNECTING and NETWORKING
are in the social networking space.

With STAPr Business Enterprise Solutions:

  • Universities and colleges can target prospective students in alignment with program goals.
  • Align specific campaigns (e.g,. brand, education program, among others) to a targeted audience to increase the rate for admission applications, student retention, and others.  
  • Universities and colleges can talent hunt, targeting prospective students in different parts of the world based on shared interests and goals.

Unleash the power of connecting and networking today!